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Our mission is to provide students with an education that empowers them academically, socially, and economically, with an emphasis on building skills for the 21st century.

Seal of Biliteracy


Validus Preparatory Academy has been recognized by the New York State Education Department for providing the Seal of Biliteracy to its student population for 4 years and counting. The New York State Seal of Biliteracy recognizes high school graduates who are proficient in interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communication in English and in a world language.

Validus Preparatory Academy is a small, New York City Department of Education public high school, serving students in grades 9–12.


Validus offers a rigorous curriculum, leading to New York State Regents diplomas, Regents diplomas with advanced designation, and Local diplomas. Some of the colleges our graduates attend include Skidmore, University of Rochester, Fordham, NYU, SUNY New Paltz, CCNY, Vanderbilt University, Syracuse University, UMass, Mercy College, Boston College, Brandeis, and Borough of Manhattan Community College. 


We proudly serve a culturally and academically diverse student body, supported by a safe, inclusive, character-building environment.


Engaging parents is equally important. Our School Leadership Team and Parents Association are active forums for parental input on substantive issues. 


   At Validus We Value:

      Academic Excellence &               Cultural & Social               A Supportive & Inclusive

      Character Development                          Diversity                            Learning Environment

In an increasingly competitive and global economy, students need a powerful combination of social and academic skills in order to succeed. This helps them make meaningful contributions to society and the world at large.


Faculty and staff at Validus Preparatory Academy are committed to graduating students who are  college-ready, and possess the tools necessary to pursue productive careers. This includes critical thinking, analytical, interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills. However, such "soft" skills are not soft at all--they are in increasing demand as companies look for employees who can hit the ground running.  


Indeed, technology is driving many of the shifts we are witnessing in the labor market. Experts say many jobs held today will be obsolete ten years from now. While they point to technology as the driving force, it still offers a variety of opportuities for those who have the skills to take advantage of it. 


Our job is to make sure our Scholars acquire the skills that will allow them to become active participants in the new economy, or in whatever career or educational path they choose.   

To ensure students are prepared to take advantage of the myriad opportunities in healthcare and other industries, Validus has partnered with several prominent organizations whose programs contribute to creating a skilled workforce.


To learn about our partners, click here:  

"Designed in neo-Constructivist style, the Bathgate Educational Campus houses three small public high schools: Bronx Mott Hall High School; Validus Prepatory Academy; and Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science—which includes grades 6-12.


Each school entrance is dramatically set off by either a red, yellow, or green wall of high-gloss aluminum plating against which steel-framed staircases seem to float behind glass. Large skylights flood the second floor lobbies with natural light while the school’s signature colors define their individual classroom and administrative spaces.


Careful schedule coordination makes it possible for each school to share common first floor areas—cafeteria, recreation room, library, art studio and music room."


~ From "Bronx Architecture", an online guide to the architecture of the borough, developed by Lehman College Art Gallery/CUNY.  Click here for more info.




The Future is Now 


Noted Architectural Site of the Bronx

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