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What Is a PTA?

"PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association, a school-based organization with a mission to make the school a better place for children to learn. Parents of students work together with teachers to volunteer in classes, raise money for school supplies, and generally support the school's efforts."



Ms. Rosado

Parent Coordinator


Sandy Noel Norwood

PTA President


Candelaria Galan

PTA Secretary



PTA Treasurer

Let’s work together to achieve our goals for the year!! 

We need your help, complete the following Parent Survey.

We are having a contest for the crew that wins the highest number returned! 

Online surveys count! 


The NYC DOE Parent Survey is live and ready to complete online. 

It can be translated into the 9 main languages provided by the DOE: 


Click to complete :

NYC DOE Parent Surveys

Adult Learning

Parents: Would you like to take classes at Validus?

We are offering classes in:

  • Financial Literacy (How to manage money)

  • ESL (English as a second language)

  • Computer Skills (Word, Excel...)

  • Literacy (Reading & Writing)

For More Information -->

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